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may10PicWhat we eat, when we eat, where we eat, and why are all intricately connected to our perception of ourselves, and our perception of the world.

A whole, happy life begins from the ground up. It begins with establishing a relationship with food and building a foundation that supports us from within. It's about incorporating as many positive things as possible, creating more space to grow. 

It's about feeling confident in your choices and knowing you're setting up yourself and your family to thrive.

I work with parents of young children to help them grow great eaters: kids who love real food, who know the value of fueling their bodies, and who won’t rely on food for comfort or entertainment as they grow up. 

Check out our articles on nutrition for kids and families.

Nutrition counseling is tailored to your little one and is geared towards:

  • starting solids
  • introducing new foods
  • dealing with a picky eater
  • worried that a nutrient deficiency might be impacting your child’s development
  • facing some confusion about where to start (or what your little one really should be eating at this stage)

I invite you to schedule a nutrition strategy session by phone or in New York City to discuss your family's unique nutritional needs.

Additionally, our services extend to family meal planning, 'lifehacks' to fit more healthy goodies into each day, and fun tools to build a great relationship with real food for the whole family. Nutrition counseling is available for children 6 months+, as well as nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Details about our Choose to Sprout program can be found under the Programs tab. Information on upcoming kids' nutrition workshops in NYC and online can be found here.

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