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The next challenge begins January 1st. Email me at amy [at] or fill out the Contact Page to reserve your spot. 
















my food + fitness overhaul

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Click above to send me a note! Let's discuss which Beachbody program will be best for you and get you ready to go for this adventure! 

*Affiliate disclaimer: While I make a small commission from the sale of any Beachbody program, the online support, recipes, meal suggestions, and structure of this program are provided free of charge.

2 comments on “food and fitness overhaul
  1. kayla matzen says:

    Hey Amy! This sounds like fun! and I certainly want to loose some weight! And I totally trust you… Let’s do this!

    How long would the exercises be? My problem is finding the times for everything.

    Great to see you doing so well!


    • amyheight says:

      Hi Kayla, so good to hear from you!! I would love to have you on board – the January challenge is going to be wildly fun.

      So, the programs vary in length from 25 minutes to an hour, depending on which one you choose. Take a look at this link here – it’s where all the Beachbody programs live – and see which one speaks to you. I’m a huge fan of Insanity (each workout is 35-60 minutes long), or T25 (where everything is 25 minutes, total). The only cost associated with the program is purchasing the DVDs, but then they’re yours forever. (I’ve been doing Insanity for over 6 months and feel super lucky to have them just to pull off the shelf throughout the week as needed.) We can definitely talk about some ways to make time to fit all this good stuff in.

      Let me know what you think! They take about a week and a half to ship to Canada, so we have some time to get them to you before January 1st happens. Woohoo! Excited!!!

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