FitFusion: it’s like Netflix, but for workout videos

Traveling as much as we have been this last year, I’ve had to get creative with workouts. There isn’t always a CrossFit box or a reasonably priced studio nearby, so I’ve been relying more on working out on my own than usual.

I’ve been on the hunt for at-home workouts that fit a certain set of criteria: they have to fit in a small space (hello, hotels and studio apartments), they have to be intense enough to be worth my while (if I’m not going to sweat, I’d rather just go for a long uphill run) and they can’t require a ton of equipment (I can’t travel a full set of dumbbells). I’ve loved Insanity for several years but I’ve done it so many times, it has lost its appeal and feels a little too easy. ;) I love having a video to follow but have been lacking inspiration in the workout video arena for the last few months.

Recently, in a serendipitous and most fortuitous twist of fate, I was introduced to.         FitFusion: think Netflix but for workout videos. Could this be the answer to my at-home workout stagnation?

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I was most intrigued to see the line up of instructors in the queue: Jillian Michaels, Zuzka Light, Tee Major, Tara Stiles, Doonya… it was like a little bit of all of the best things in one place!

In particular, I was super excited about the collaboration between Jillian Michaels and the Tone It Up ladies. (I was introduced to the latter’s workouts by a super cool, super fit gal, The Accidental Athlete and love them for a good mix of toning and cardio, although they’re not quite as intense as I like. Definitely excellent low-weight, high-rep toning.) That they had made a series with Jillian Michaels – who is pretty hardcore - is kind of awesome and totally makes sense: it should offer the best of both worlds, right?

Turns out the combination of their styles is perfect: I spent this last month working their videos into my schedule on top of treadmill HIIT classes, cycling and swimming, and was happy to discover the workouts are quick, intense and effective. The first three in the series cover full body, abs and arms and lower body, so across a few days you get a little bit of everything. (I found myself doing two back-to-back: they’re under 25 minutes each, so with a bit of spacious time, you can totally fit two in and not feel like you’re dying.) They combine strength and mobility moves with cardio intervals, incorporating unique moves like double broad-jump burpees and some intense, truly burning ab work. The videos also only require a set of light dumbbells, but if you don’t have those, soup cans also work just fine.

Fit Fusion Screen Shot Programs 1

FitFusion offers a free two-week trial, so you can check out the Shred and Tone collaboration to see if it works for you (don’t worry: it’s scalable if it’s too intense to start with). I’d also recommend the Zuzka Light workouts – she’s fierce and the workouts go by in a flash – and Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn HIIT30 series. I did a few of those this month, too, and was totally thrilled with how good a sweat they worked up!

Happy fitness!

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Little disclaimer: I'm not making any money on this post, but I did receive a free month of Fit Fusion in exchange for a write-up. It really is a good sweat. :) Thanks for reading! 

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