individual programs

Let's craft a program tailored to you. You'll find your healthiest, most thriving body - no deprivation required - while building joyful new habits in your approach to eating.

web title nutrition strategy                 $150
Includes in-depth intake, creation of your custom food action plan and a series of initial recommendations to set you on your path to feeling fabulous.

web title nutr coaching                 $125
Includes notes, resources and personalized recommendations following each 60-minute session.

web title meal plan                 $400
This package includes a personalized modular 2-week meal plan, along with two 30-minute follow-up sessions to ensure your plan fits your lifestyle + goals brilliantly. We will address:

  • specific nutritional imbalances and how we can correct these with food and supplementation
  • the foods that will best work for your goals, including weight loss, immunity, digestive or skin concerns, insomnia and hormone balancing
  • habits and practices currently getting in the way of your success
  • short- and long-term goal planning where we'll create an action plan for your happiest, healthiest selfLooking for a standard weekly meal plan? Check out these options

web title whole body            $225/month 
In just six months, overhaul your food, energy, and whole-life wellness. Personalized for you, this program empowers you to rebuild your relationship with the foods that serve you best, balance the many facets of your life, and manage stress mindfully. The program includes:

  • six or twelve 50-minute sessions over three or six months 
  • long- and short-term goal-setting 
  • a comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • resources and tools for use at home
  • recommendations following each session
  • email support between sessions

Includes farmers' market or health food store tour and/ or in-home cooking class, as requested. This program can also be customized for children and families, where we'll build a protocol for your child’s stage of development and unique challenges with food. From infants starting solids to picky eaters, the foundation for great eating begins with asking the right questions, uncovering the reasons for behaviors and preferences, and having the right tools to balance foods for life.

web title cooking            $175 + food

Scared of the kitchen? These private classes will set you up with the basics of weekly food preparation.  A great place to start if you're transitioning to new way of eating and just don't know where to begin. Recommended for parents introducing new foods to their little ones. Perfect for people with gluten- or dairy-intolerances, new vegetarians/ vegans, or those looking to incorporate more plant-based foods. During this 90-minute lesson, we will:

  • reorganize your space
  • assess your kitchen and dietary needs
  • provide product analysis and information on the foods currently in your home
  • provide a cooking demonstration of simple plant-based recipes + leave you with recipes to keep [hello, one week of easy meals!]

*program available in certain locations only. please contact me with specific city/date requests. 

Please note that appointment cancellations or changes must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If less than 24 hours notice is given, there is a cancellation fee equivalent to one session (for prepaid packages, one session is considered forfeit). This is to ensure your spot in the calendar can be held consistently week to week. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Crystal M. Moore says:

    I enjoyed attending the “Break Up With Gluten” cooking class last Wednesday. I am reviewing your website and will contact you when I decide exactly where I am on my gluten-free journey.


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