vegan gluten-free kitchen makeover

Feel lost when it comes to your own kitchen space? Does home cooking seem a little overwhelming? Thinking of trying out plant-based or gluten-free living for the first time?

The kitchen makeover is a great place to start if you're transitioning to new way of eating - and just don't know where to start. Recommended for people with gluten- or dairy-intolerances, new vegetarians/ vegans, and those looking to incorporate more plant-based foods.

This 2-hour service includes:

*restocking your kitchen (pantry and fridge essentials included)
*reorganizing your space
*an assessment of your kitchen and dietary requests
*a nutrition consultation and Q & A
*product analysis and information on the foods currently in your home
*a cooking demonstration of simple plant-based/ gluten-free recipes + recipes to keep

 Service includes products and takeaways.

Currently available in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I will follow up by email to schedule your kitchen makeover.

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