a thought on being healthy.


Health is not a destination. It is a means to accomplish all that we desire to do.

I'm discovering this as I continue this never-ending journey towards being my best self. What I'm discovering is that our best self is not some ideal being that exists in the ether, waiting for us to find it, capture it, inhabit it.

Our best self is the part of us we rely on in the journey of transformation. It's the part of us that chooses to do things differently, to persevere, to push through those moments of doubt and incredulity that we'll ever attain what were after.

It's the part that keeps us going and remains convinced we can accomplish whatever it is we are working on.

As we work towards 'good health' - and through all of the hurdles and challenges that come with it - we are given a really cool opportunity to experience our best self as we go. Each moment is a chance to prove to ourselves hat we are doing something we never thought we'd be able to.

Surprise yourself on your journey this week. What's one thing you never thought you'd have/ do/ feel confident about, that you now do? You made that happen! Use that to power your (unending) journey forwards. 

Getting healthy is an adventure, not a destination.

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