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Do you ever have those moments where you surprise yourself by what you can do? When you accomplish something you never thought you could? When you truly recognize your skills for what they are, and appreciate all the work you put into developing them? 

We need more of these moments in every day. They give us motivation to move forward, to continue in the direction we're going (or change our direction when we realize we're getting off course). They reinforce things we are doing well. And most importantly, they afford us an opportunity to revel in what we can do instead of dwelling on what we feel we can't do. 

Focusing on what's going right often requires more effort than focusing on what isn't working. But think of it this way: when we take the time to embrace our talents, we can significantly improve our mood and outlook, which in turn improve our relationships, our mental clarity, even our longevity. Even more, we gain even bigger payoffs when we recognize that a particular skill took work to acquire. That physical strength, a great test score, solid listening skills, or an aptitude for graphic design all take intentional practice. Give yourself permission to acknowledge how hard you work and what you're able to do: your skill set is different from anyone else's! Your time, your sweat, your effort are all worth something - let the benefits bring some joy to your world and feel awesome about everything you are uniquely capable of. 

What can you give yourself credit for today? Revel in that. You've earned some solid self-love! High five. :0) 

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