the most delicious one yet: best food writing 2017

I’ve never been so motivated to eat a burrito. 

The newest edition of Best Food Writing, now in its eighteenth year of publication, is a mouthwatering compendium of the best articles, essays and blog posts from the last year on all things food. It’s delicious.

Ranging from memoirs to restaurant profiles to think pieces on the origin of the some of our most beloved foods, Best Food Writing 2017 was by far the best and most engaging of these tomes I’ve read so far. It contains more than a few pieces on the burrito and the many forms in which it appears across the country, alongside stories of place and belonging and identity and appropriation, all linked together with themes of how and why we eat.

I love the sections on home cooking – learning about how other people eat at home and where those traditions come from is fascinating. On the other end are profiles of high-end chefs, Michelin-starred restaurants and the corporate food world, a few food celebrities and stories of just how hard it is to create, open and sustain a food venture. It’s great motivation to head to the kitchen and whip something up, inspired by the ingredients, tenacity or ingenuity of chefs and home cooks from around the world.

I tend to skip the pieces on animals, meat production and consumption and craft beer (the former for gross-factor and ethical reasons, the latter because I have no frame of reference for the taste, experience or enjoyment of beer), but took a lot away from the sections on wine, coffee, farm-to-table experiences and some really moving pieces on what it means to “take credit” for the invention of a dish.

Holly Hughes has edited this series for nearly two decades and her keen eye for great writing makes for a powerful newest edition. I recommend if you’re interested in learning more about the food world, whether as an entrepreneur, chef, foodie or someone who just appreciates mouthwatering descriptions of deliciousness.

Be forewarned: this book will make you want a burrito. 


I received a copy of this book from the publisher and share my honest thoughts here. I do not receive monetary compensation for this post.

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