de-cluttering for spring.

It's a balmy 44 degrees in NYC today, bright and sunny: one of those days where I feel like nature has given us a beautiful gift (and one where the city seems extra-excellent). Yesterday's torrential downpour has done a number on the streets: there's that very particular springtime sheen happening out there right now and it isĀ glorious. Springtime is fabulous, no?

It's a time for energizing and renewing, rejuvenating and growth... perhaps no better time than now to consider making positive changes in all over.

What's in your life closet? Consider a spring cleaning - what  can you pack up, put away, reorganize, repurpose, recycle? What can you take out and dust off?

What's in your life closet? Consider a spring cleaning - what can you pack up, put away, reorganize, repurpose, recycle? What can you take out and dust off?

It's a great chance to extend a little forgiveness to the planet for all of the inconvenience winter weather threw our way (and a little apology for all of the griping we did in the cold and snow, no?). The bitter cold ends up feeling so far away when we've moved into the warmth... so why not move on from our bitterness now and do something friendly for the earth. Like giving up bottled water. Or being mindful with recycling. Or finding creative ways to conserve energy in our homes (if you're in NY State and haven't yet explored the option of renewable energy through Green Mountain Energy, it's worth looking into!)

Spring is also a really great time to extend that same forgiveness to ourselves and look at how we're spending our life energy -- we, too, are reenergized and renewed by spring! We thaw out as the weather changes and become more open to a freedom and flow that winter seems to restrict.

Consider the habits or patterns we accumulate over the winter: staying indoors, being insular, being more isolated, eating heavier foods, being more in our brains than out in the world. What have you accumulated since the temperature dropped that might not serve you as well as springtime arrives? What can you pack up and move on from, tidy up, give away, recycle, repurpose?

I recently presented a talk at Land Yoga in New York on this very topic - the idea of spring cleaning our lives (and not just our closets) really fascinates me! (Plus, it's way more motivating to do it at this time of year than traditional New Years resolutions are in January). The planet is giving us new energy and vitality: how can we use it best? I asked the lovely participants of the workshop to consider things like physical activity (can you get outside more? can you spend less time on the couch?), relationships (who haven't you seen in awhile? which connections could use some rekindling?), outlook (what kinds of thoughts have implanted themselves in your mind over winter? where do they come from? are they serving you?), and creativity (what have you packed up and put away that could be of real benefit to you if pulled out for spring?). Engage with this a little! Where are the sources of 'clutter' in your life? That is, what are the things getting in your way of reaching your fullest potential? Who put those things there? What can you do to tidy them up?

I will be posting some information in the coming days on foods for spring and mindful ways we can refresh our thinking around seasonal and local eating. Beginning your decluttering with food and physical health provides an excellent spring-board (get it?) for motivation, energy, and whole-life positive changes. Start now! The sun's out.


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