fridge feature #3 [meghan].

This week's awesome healthy fridge is courtesy of Meghan from Vancouver [thanks, lady!]. She's one of the most talented ladies I know. She also happens to be a fitness fiend, vegan, a new momma, and currently on tour with a show in Winnipeg. I asked her to share a little about how she keeps up her healthy eating while on the road. 


So what's on each shelf?
TOP (L to R)
Organic pasta sauce, white wine :), Naam miso gravy [from The Naam in Vancouver - amazing!], peanut butter, an avocado, So Nice coffee creamer (I usually use coconut milk, but harder to find here in Winnipeg), hemp hearts, and pumped breast milk for Fraser!

 MIDDLE (L to R) 
Hummus, Earth balance spread, Ezekiel english muffins, bean sprouts, half an avocado, salsa, eggs, tortilla wraps, pea shoots
Almond milk, purple kale, lettuce, apples, green kale
How do your eating habits and your husband's eating habits differ?
Todd and my eating habits actually don't differ all that much, despite him enjoying meat! SO because he's not really a fan of dairy, we can make the same thing for dinner, and he might just add chicken or fish to his. He is very happy eating a primarily vegan diet at home, but will enjoy a steak sandwich when we're at a restaurant! 
How does your eating differ from your regular routine when you're out of town for work?
I'm proud to say that my eating doesn't differ when I'm on tour as opposed to home. I will hunt for a health food store as soon as I get to town, and will stock up on my basics. Then I make all my meals for rehearsals so that I'm not stuck when it comes to a meal break, and there aren't any options! Prairie Theatre Exchange is in a mall in WInnipeg, and the food court definitely leaves something to be desired! Thankfully I found a great store called Vita Health Foods, and have been able to get my groceries there. 
How's are you finding the combination of being vegan and being a new mom?
Being a vegan momma is great! I don't even really think about it. People were "concerned" when I was pregnant, which was frustrating. I kept hearing "where are you getting your protein??" and I'd have to calmly explain HOW MUCH IS IN VEGETABLES! Then I gave birth to a ten pound baby, so people stopped asking after that:) We are just about to start solids with Fraser, and I'm looking forward to it. As far as his diet is concerned, we won't be feeding him any animal products on a regular basis, but I'm not going to forbid him to have a hotdog if he's at a birthday party or something. I'll tell him everything I know about animal products, and then he can make up his own mind. I'm sure he'll have a burger with his Dad every once in a while, and that's okay! I've been reading How To Disease Proof Your Child by Joel Furhman and it's an excellent resource. He basically says, it's not necessarily what we are eating that's the problem, it's what we aren't eating! So get those greens in to your kid's diet! 
What do you plan to do with the hemp hearts?
I use Hemp hearts in salads and on oatmeal in the morning. A great source of protein, especially when I have looooong rehearsal days along with a five month old!
What's your favourite food these days?
What's my favourite food..... Hmmmm... Right now I'm really enjoying chips, salsa and wine when I come home to a quiet house after a show! And I do truly love a good salad or rice bowl but it has to have all the fixings. I will admit to missing things like macaroni and cheese and pizza, but how I feel after I've eaten it is just not worth it! 

Thanks tons for sharing, Meghan! Have a healthy rest of your time in Winnipeg. :)


Interested in seeing your fridge here? Let me know

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  1. Meg says:

    Such wisdom in these words! I’d love to hear more about Meghan’s vegan pregnancy, as someone planning to go the same route in the next few years!

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