dining out: locally, sustainably, organically + ethically (the app to make it happen).

How many times have you tried to plan dinner out with a group of friends and had a conversation like this:

"I just need someplace that has vegan options."
"Yeah, and it also has to be gluten-free."
"And if Jamie is coming, too, there has to be ethically-sourced meat. She won't eat anything if she doesn't know where it came from."
"I'm fine with all of this, as long as it's organic."

Cue simultaneous high-fives [for conscious eating!] and brain explosions [for the uber-complication of trying to find a restaurant to appeal to everyone's preferences]. 

Luckily, an app was recently launched in DC and New York City to make finding the perfect dining spot just a little easier (and I was lucky enough to try it out this past week, thanks to their super helpful and enthusiast founder).

The app?

greenease appgreenease app2

greenease app3 greenease app4


Greenease’s ultimate goal is to bring awareness and access to the slow food movement by providing farmer and purveyor information for participating restaurants. You can use the app to see where different restaurants source their products - by the farm's name, if you wanted to know! - and which restaurants offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options. There are also search functions for sustainable seafood, drug-free meats, free-range and grass-fed products, so if you're making an omnivorous choice, you can do it with all of the information available. 

This is not only a great way to find delicious new spots in your neighborhood, it's a great way to reduce your consumption of conventionally-grown, pesticide-laden produce or meat produced in factory farms. When dining out, this kind of information is often limited or nonexistent. Greenease allows restaurants to list their farm names so consumers can learn about where their food comes from when dining out and make the best choices for their health, the planet and the kind of world they want to buy into. 

I. Love. This. Idea.

Besides the environmental, social and economic reasons to buy local, consumers have a right to take action in the safety and quality of their food! Greenease is an excellent free resource that encourages - and empowers - local dining.

For more info on the app, check out these links: 

iOS App: http://bit.ly/greeneaseiOSapp

Website: www.greenease.co

Facebook: /MyGreeneaseSearch

Twitter: @GreeneaseApp

Instagram/Pinterest: @Greenease

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