healthy fridge feature #2 [amanda].

It's Fridge Feature Monday! I am so happy about this situation. Fabulous Amanda is our featured guest this week. We've been friends since the beginning of primary school (crazy, right?) and I've always been inspired by her healthy habits and head-on tackling of health issues. She's now living in Edinburgh, completing a PhD, generally being awesome and well! 
Take a peek at her great foodstuff below and try out her smart shopping and prep ideas this week. 

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I like to have tons of fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge all the time. So that is the majority of what you see in the pictures. Pictured are things like cauliflower, spinach, fennel, celery, carrots, berries, sweet potato and so on. The majority of the produce is organic also. I try only buy organic - and local - whenever possible, but Belfast doesn't have a huge selection so this can involve a lot of trekking around the city. I find that I feel much better when I have protein from animal sources in my diet, so I also have an organic free range chicken, and organic free range eggs. I also have some unsweetened almond milk and canadian maple syrup for those days I need a little taste of home. 
Where do you do your shopping? 
As I mentioned earlier, I find it really hard to source organic (and even harder to find local and organic) produce. When I am not working, I hit the farmer's market on Saturday or Sunday morning. They usually have a fairly decent selection of local and often organic vegetables. I have also found a local farmer who raises chickens and cows that roam free and are organic. I buy eggs and meat from him whenever I buy meat. For fruit and nuts, I often end up buying from the local supermarket because it is the only place I have been able to source organic. 
What is your favourite thing in your fridge right now? 
My favourite thing in my fridge right now are the sweet potatoes. My absolute favourite treat are sweet potato 'fries' made in the oven with some coconut oil and natural sea salt sprinkled on top. I find that this treat satisfies me whenever I have those nasty carb or sugar cravings. 
What are your plans for the fresh produce? 
Some of the fresh produce is going into soups. I am planning to use the celery, some carrots, the leek, and a rutabaga to make this fantastic vegetarian pea soup (I got the recipe one of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa called the 'Green Door'). I am also planning to use any leftover vegetables to make chicken and vegetable soup. The majority of the fresh produce will go to making green smoothies (I use celery, spinach, cucumber, an apple and some lemon as a base, then experiment!) and different types of salads. One salad that I can't stop eating lately is a mix of raw fennel, squash, apple/pear, rocket, carrots, sunflower seeds or chopped cashews, and dried cranberries or raisins. It takes a lot of chewing but is very filling and nice and fresh for spring. 
The biggest change since completing my Cleanse. 
I completed the 'Clean' detox program by Dr. Alejandro Junger approximately two months ago and have never felt better. I have had really major digestive issues my entire life and it wasn't until I was 13 that I discovered I am lactose intolerant, and at age 24 I realized I am celiac.... so my digestive system has A LOT of healing to do - to say the least. I found that my energy levels are drastically different since completing the cleanse. Although I ate very healthy beforehand, I still experienced a lot of 'brain fog' and energy drain. I found it really hard to get through the day without desperately wanting to take a nap. I no longer have this problem. Although I still get tired or rundown if my diet lapses or I don't get enough sleeping. The difference in my energy levels is unbelievable. A really nice little side effect of all of this too is that my hair is so much softer and shinier. I could not stop touching it when I first noticed this change. The habit is under control now though. Overall I just feel a lot healthier and that my body is working more like it should. I aim to do this cleanse again in about 4 months. Hopefully it will continue the healing process for all the abuse my poor stomach took. 

 Thank you x 100000 for contributing this week, Amanda! So glad to hear your energy is up, your head is clear, and your awesome self is doing just so spectacularly. 

Any plans for your fridge stocking this week, all?

Happy Monday!

- amy

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  1. I love sweet potatoes! It’s my fav thing in a fridge too!

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