healthy fridge feature #5 [AJ].

I am so excited to share this fridge this week - courtesy of a fellow health coach, the wonderful Mr. AJ Morris of Kickstart Wellness. He's a health nut living and working in NYC. His passion for eating and living with a local focus is evident in everything he does. Check out the contents of AJ's fridge for a peek into the healthy lifestyle he's practicing every day, along with some fabulous tips for cooking and storing fresh produce.

IMG_5496 (1)Could you please give me a brief run down of what's on each shelf? 
Almond and coconut milk, mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, kale, arugula, eggs, flax seed, garlic, I put all my veggies in mason jars it helps to keep them fresher longer.
How would you classify your eating these days?
I am not strict with any one diet.  I try to eat as much organic as possible, very little meat, very little dairy, very little gluten, very little soy, very little sugar, LOT of veggies.
Tell me more about those jars...
Mason jars are great for keeping your veggies fresh.  We eat eggs every morning and add onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms to them, I prepare them a week or so ahead of time by dicing them and putting them in the mason jars.  The last forever and every morning I am ready to cook a quick breakfast.  Add a some salt, pepper, basil, and an avacado, sometimes I through in a tablespoon or so of quinoa (also prepared a head of time).
Where do you do most of your shopping?
Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. [sic: AJ and I have recently started visiting the Union Square Farmers' Market, which is NYC's mecca for local food. Shopping for groceries doesn't get much better!]

What's your relationship with supplements and meal replacements like?
I take a multivitamin, vitamin D, B complex, and fish oil.  I think vitamins are good especially if you are lacking in anything. People who don't get enough sun can be Vitamin D deficient. I get very little sun in my apartment so I added that to my daily routine.  The fish oil and multi are to cover my bases with omega-3's.

What is your favorite food presently?
I guess I would have to say mushrooms.  I love mushrooms and I never did before.  It was a texture thing, like most people will say, but now I can't get enough.
How often do you cook and what's your favorite thing to cook?
I cook most every night unless we have specific dinner plans. We very rarely do take out.  My favorite thing to cook right now is fish.  We started having 'Fish Friday'; I am enjoying exploring new fish and recipes.
How do your and your partner's eating habits differ?  
They don't that much anymore.  He drinks coffee and puts Splenda in it, which kills me inside a little, and he also likes meat more than me.  But he has pretty much given me the reigns on our eating habits and will eat mostly what ever I make, except kale. He hates kale.
[Thanks tons, AJ! You have some great stuff going on in your sweet kitchen!]

How can you use AJ's well-balanced examples to work some more whole foods into your week? Happy shopping and cooking!

- amy

Interested in seeing your fridge here? Send a photo to amy [at]! 


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