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mikiodo130615_amyheight_1125-Edit_LRNearly every conversation I have with people who are interested in coaching begins with "I'm a pretty healthy eater" or "I know what I should be doing".

I am always so glad to hear this. An awareness of what we should be doing is the first step in building great habits for life.

This is usually where they disclose why they've sought me out. More often than not, I hear: "I can't figure out how to do it [consistently, inexpensively, when I'm traveling, when I'm tired, when I'm busy, around my husband, etc]" and "I just don't want to have to spend so much [time, energy, mental resources, emotion] on eating. I just want it to be part of how I live my life." I hear you. And I understand.

That's the trouble, isn't it? Knowing what to do, but feeling unsure as to whether you're doing it the "right" way? Being unclear as to whether it's taking you in the direction you want to go? Having the information and being able to act on the information are two very different things, especially when it comes to something that can carry so much emotion.

My job - in addition to being a resource and "distillery", if you will, for nutrition - is to help my clients uncover what's in the way of them making their best choices.

 Whether it's overeating, under-eating, or eating for the wrong reasons, the right kind of guidance now and then can help keep our relationship with food in the best place possible. (Know, too, that the 'diet' that works for us one year might not work for us the next. Part of what we look at is what is going to work for you now, and where are you heading: what will be sustainable, energizing, and truly nourishing... versus too rigid or too fad-tastic.)

Our relationship with food is so much more than counting calories and weighing portions. Basic nutrition information is available with a quick search on Google: my clients rarely come to me needing to know why carrots are healthy and why soda is not. They know what to eat. Just like, I'm sure, you have a good sense of. 

The trouble is often more about the why they're eating, the when, and the quantity. These are the things we have to understand to separate ourselves from that feeling of helplessness when it comes to food, and to find a sense of calm when it comes to eating. We work through our approach to food, reconfiguring our relationship with it to find a less stressful, less energy-sucking way of working great eating choices into each day. After all, eating is a lot more enjoyable when it's not clouded in guilt, confusion, and anxiety. 

There is a maximum amount of stress each of us can handle when it comes to constantly worrying about when we'll eat next, what it will be, and how we'll feel afterwards. If this is an obstacle to your happiness - and let's face it, your sense of peace and calm in the world - ask yourself if you're ready to confront what is standing in your way. Obstacles are far easier to conquer when we can identify them. I help my clients achieve the ideal balance for their unique life, which is where the sweet spot of full-life satisfaction is. This is on a number of levels, including a dissatisfaction with food; fears of scarcity, running out, and hunger (which are very real fears to have); a deregulated appetite; emotional eating interrupting true hunger signals; or the imbalance of a particular macronutrient, we have many avenues along which to pursue this ideal 'balance'. It's different for everyone. It will look different and feel different and progress differently, but in the end, the goal is the same: finding that 'sweet spot' where ease meets convenience, deliciousness, and contentment.

If you are tired of feeling unhappy with your eating or confused about how to move towards your healthiest self, ask yourself what else might be in the way.

It would be my privilege to help you uncover the secrets to your own success and your own best possible relationship with food.  


Sound like you? Let's talk. 

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