what to use for bread when you don’t eat bread [wrawps review].


I write about it all the time. Mostly because I don't eat it. Mostly because it's a tricky food: something we've been collectively taught is healthful, but truly, it's a refined product that easily throws the body out of balance. (Check out this post on hunger, specifically when it comes to refined foods, if you're curious.)

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While there are many things a bread product can provide us, nutritionally (like fiber, vitamin E, folate), there's little in it that we can't get from another source -- preferably one that hasn't been refined, whose ingredients maintain much of their same form as they did in nature. (The key being that they are in fact real foods that once grew, rather than laboratory creations designed to imitate real food.)

Vegetables definitely provide all of these things, but I know from experience (my own, plus that of my clients), that a sweet potato can't always take the place of bread. Sometimes what you want - nay, need - is a piece of deliciously formed carbohydrate to hold other objects together, namely so you can eat them with one hand. Yes?

Enter: Wrawps.

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I've dabbled in brown rice wraps previously - like in these posts here for burgadillas and avocado grilled cheese - but I'm always left feeling a little sluggish and honestly, a little puffy, every time. Grains just aren't my thing unless they're entirely unrefined, it seems. (Are you super sensitive to them, too? Symptoms can include decreased energy, bloating, mood changes, and digestive upset.)

Wrawps, on the other hand, contain no grain at all: they're made from fruit and veggie pulp, coconut, flax, and a variety of spices, depending on the flavor. They're dehydrated at a low temperature, which ensures the nutrients remain intact.

The high-fiber content of the plants ingredients gives a nice density and allows the wrap to stay together nicely. Digestively speaking, the fiber encourages the body to draw water into the GI tract to break it all down, smoothing digestion and elimination, and generally keeping the system better hydrated than if we were strictly consuming drier products like crackers or bread.

Plus, all these whole, clean ingredients mean no crazy spike in blood sugar: just ample energy and a convenient delivery system for other goodness... like toppings. And dips. 

Plus, they're just insanely good.

There's something so specifically satisfying about the texture of a wrap, no? That chewy, toothsome "oh yes I'm having this sandwich and I'm loving it" feeling?

Yeah, these do that. Yeah, they're grainfree. Yeah, they're raw and packed with living enzymes and useable nutrients.

You guys. This means we all win! :)

I've experimented with these in a variety of delicious ways, including;
Hummus wrap (chickpeas, hummus, romaine, and sautéed onions)
With cashew cheese (from Door 86)
With almond butter
With vegan butter
Cut into triangles and dipped in soup
Just plain on their own

And let me tell you: every way is awesome.

I love how the wraps hold together so well; plus, they're gigantic and you can get a really solid few meals out of the bag of three. (I cut them in half; they're about the size of a piece of paper.)

Michael and I have tried the original and the spirulina flavors; their other varieties include Asian, Spicy, Smokey Heaven, Persimmon Delight and Energizing Morning. We buy them at Elm Health (where I first discovered them), but Wrawps also sells online and in a number of speciality natural food stores across the US.

These have definitely become my go-to for a bread substitute. All the experience of having bread without the uncomfortable consequences of having flour? Score. Plus, more veggies, more nutrients, and more superfood power into each meal? Extra score.

Keep these puppies refrigerated once open, and feel free to get creative with your toppings.

Have you tried Wrawps? What do you like to put on them?

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For more information on Wrawps, check out www.wrawp.com




I have not been compensated to write this review -- just sharing some products I dig, as I know many of you are tackling the same food-things as I am. 

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