why prioritizing your health is non-negotiable.


The idea of prioritizing health recently came up in conversation with an old friend (somewhere around the old adage, ‘You have nothing if you don’t have your health’.) This has become a big theme in my life, beginning at 18 when I realized that something about my health had to change: I now actively appreciate and strive for good health (sometimes to the point of obsession, but usually to a good end): it motivates my decisions from what to eat, to how to exercise, to how to slow down, and how to be good to my brain, as my husband says. Health creates the rest of your world: how you interact in the bigger context of it and what you can are all directly related to your body and mind’s ability to keep up with what you ask of them.

Given this, it struck me as frightening that this notion of health creating the rest of your life isn’t enough of a motivator for many people to pay more attention to it. The decisions you make daily alter the direction of your life course: do they move you closer or further away from the person you want to be? Do they steer you towards the life you want to be living and the goals you want to achieve, or are your choices preventing you from reaching your fullest, happiest self?

The idea of limitations is a tricky one: we all have them in some form or another, but I think many are less impossible to surmount than we give ourselves credit for. Why accept that you will inherit a disease? Why settle for barriers you expect to eventually stop you from growing or changing or adventuring? Why not set yourself up to defeat them or avoid them altogether? What is stopping you from choosing to take the steps to set up your ideal life? These choices need to be a priority: your whole world depends on it.

It takes a lot of motivation and a really good reason to choose the often-harder (but best-for-you) option. Here’s one to try out: prove to yourself that you can do it. You are already the person you’re striving to be – the fact you can identify who that is means that person is already within you.

Go out and do something healthy for yourself. Make it a priority. Make it challenging. Prove to yourself that you can. Prove to yourself that you don’t have to settle for just existing. Prove to yourself that you can be whatever awesome version of yourself you envision: it just takes a little effort to make the healthiest choice for you, whatever that may be.

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