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Break Up With Gluten provides a practical approach to ending a tumultuous relationship with refined carbohydrates. With step-by-step guides to your own ‘trial separation’, and personal narrative that affirms you’re not alone, you'll come to understand how adjusting your relationship with food can provide a vehicle for self-discovery and whole-life health empowerment. 

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 I broke up with gluten.

Hands down, it was one of the most profound shifts of my life. Giving up gluten was my first step in really exploring how food affects me. I spent my life up until then being detached from the sensations I experienced, with no recognition that how I was eating was directly impacting every aspect of my being. Until I started to be able to feel the difference in myself, I wasn’t able to access some pretty deep things I’d not realized I was missing. 

What my own ‘break up’ allowed me to access was a deeper understanding of the crucial role food plays in our lives, and a foundation for more learning and self-discovery.Being without a food that caused me so much discomfort – and to be honest, one I was truly addicted to – opened up a door to find someone I had never expected to find. She was more fun, more fit, more vibrant: truly, the happiest version of myself I’d ever known, and one whom I have discovered has a lot more potential that I’d given her credit for.

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Break Up with Gluten is a practical guide to explore how your relationship with food - in this case, gluten - impacts your world. It includes step-by-step guides, a meal planning tool, a shopping list, and personal narrative, all with the intention of empowering you to uncover your happiest, healthiest self. Whether gluten is the answer, or you're battling other food demons, Break Up With Gluten will help you straighten out your current food relationship, ending the cycle of addiction and oppression. 

Who knows what it might open up for you! 

Download your copy of the Break Up With Gluten eBook at Smashwords, and check out the free workbook, too. It's packed with step-by-step tools you'll need for your trial separation. You may also check out Break Up With Gluten on Scribd.

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