my approach to nutrition

I believe that we should eat like we love ourselves.

The From the Ground Up approach focuses on six key areas:

  • Eating real, delicious, whole foods that nourish and energize (and also please the palate!). This means developing an intuitive sense for the kinds of clean-burning fuel your body needs, which begins with communing with your food: understanding how it affects you and becoming more involved in the process. More cooking at home, more time management strategizing, more experimenting. Gleefully.
  • Cultivating health-supportive habits. Habits that aren’t rewarding or easy to maintain won’t last. We identify what’s getting in the way of your healthiest self, how to change it, and how to create joyful new patterns of thinking and doing, one step at a time.
  • Building physical strength and connecting with the physical body… because movement can be joyful when approached with the right motivation.
  • Rekindling your confidence. Falling in love with yourself opens up new ways to present the best possible version of you to the world.
  • Harnessing your own vibrant energy… because your ability to make waves in the world begins with your ability to tap into yourself on the deepest level possible.  
  • Emotional clarity, particularly around your relationship to food. When we understand our deep-seated reasons for eating as we do, we can begin to shift our relationship with it and make better choices. 

I believe that whatever plan we put in place for your wellbeing has to resonate with you, so we work together to strategize the most fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle shifts for your unique life. After all, anything that doesn’t feel good isn’t going to last, yes?

But what about food? Do I have to become a vegan?

While I eat a plant-based diet, I have many clients who are thriving on an omnivorous diet. While there is not one way of eating that works for everyone, there are shared elements that almost every health-supportive eating style agrees upon. Great eating systems are:

  • Low in processed foods
  • High in nutrient-dense plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, seeds)
  • Low in sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • Varied, for the sake of nutrient deficiency and interest

I am well-versed in a variety of dietary theories, and can tailor your plan to whatever suits you. Just be prepared to eat a lot more plants than you might be already. They’re key for everyone.

How does this work?

Through one-on-one nutrition counseling, I will help you to create your own internal nutritionist who makes intuitive healthy choices and understands how food functions. I will work with you to create customized lifestyle strategies to support your unique world, and help develop your own personal food culture.

I work with clients around North America by phone and Skype.

Depending on the package we create for you, we will meet at regular intervals - usually every second week - to establish and implement your unique nutrition and lifestyle strategy. I am here as your resource, your sounding board, and your co-conspirator in feeling fantastic.

I don't cook. Do I have to?

Nope, not at all. I offer meal delivery services (in conjunction with a coaching program or separately) to take some of the stress of planning, shopping and cooking off your plate. If eating well is the biggest thing holding up your best health, let's tackle that simply: I customize menus for your preferences, your goals and your unique body.  I bring you meals. You eat them. You feel fabulous. Nice, right? Delivery is available in Manhattan only at this time. All meals are vegan and gluten-free. More information on vegan meal delivery is here

I want to feel fabulous.

Are you ready to discover amazing confidence and a sense of ease around food for yourself and your family? Schedule a nutrition strategy session with me today.

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