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JTivamo Graphicoin me for a live one-on-one Rewire Your Food Brain course on Tivamo!

Proceeds benefit PETA (and you get a condensed, personalized e-course all to yourself!) 

Figuring out the ideal diet for your body can be complicated and confusing, especially when having too little time and too many old habits get in the way.

In this MO (Tivamo's live video sessions), you'll learn how to think about food differently, and walk away with steps to implement right away to move towards your happiest, healthiest, most thriving body.

Whether you're an omnivore or a vegan, or you seek to find more energy, lose weight or just feel more at ease with your food choices, Rewire Your Food Brain will provide helpful pointers to start you on your way to feeling fabulous. We'll included time for Q & A to address your personal health challenges.

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