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Interested in hosting a nutrition talk at your workplace, school, community group, or with friends? 

Please contact me - let's discuss the details! 

Amy teaching at Westside Y 1

Workshops currently available:

For New Parents
Starting solids? Introducing new foods? Dealing with a picky eater? If you are facing some confusion about where to start (or what your little one really should be eating at this stage), From the Ground Up offers a variety of private workshops to tackle all the big questions! This exciting time in your child’s development can be stress-free when you have the information you need. Gather a group of your friends, colleagues, or family members for an informative seminar. Take home valuable tips and tricks to develop healthy habits, easy-to-make recipes ideas, and tools to begin cultivating a great relationship between your baby and their food.

Childhood Nutrition 101: What Little Ones Really Need

Starting Solids: Baby-led Weaning or Spoonfeeding?

Decoding Product Labels: Hidden Ingredients in ‘Healthy’ Foods

Parenting Picky Eaters

Cultivating a Relationship with Food 

Unjunking Lunch: The Answer to the Unhealthy Lunchbox

For Adults
We offer several practical workshops to kickstart (or brush up) healthy habits at home and work. Whether you're battling your inner snack-monster, constantly crashing from the ups and downs of a sugar habit, or looking to transition to a new way of eating, these private workshops will set you and your group on a great path. Develop a new way of thinking about how you fuel your body, discover which foods work best for you, and build up a toolkit of easy-to-implement ideas to work these healthy practices into your life -- as soon as you get home! 

10 Easy Steps to Kick Your Sugar Habit (and Change Your Life for Good!)

Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

The Gluten-Free Kitchen Makeover Class

Eating for Energy

Mindful Eating


Also, check out my classes at Suite 3Oh6 in Soho.

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