a week of prep [#2].

photo 4Like all great weeks, this one coming up is full of terrific people, meaningful work, and energizing activities -- but a little short on cooking time. I am thrilled to have some volunteer stage management time at a gala [with just the coolest non-profit group I've ever had the privilege to work with] and lots of really invigorating meetings with clients and wellness folks around New York. Not to mention the start of my husband's grad school orientations, an upcoming half-marathon, and all of the other incidentals that manage to wedge their way into a week. (You know the ones I mean - I know you do!) I'm also thrilled to have set aside a little time this weekend to put together a week's worth of meals -- lunches AND dinners -- to ensure we're both well-fueled to tackle the craziness. 

This little investment of time once a week is a helpful tool I've discovered makes an enormous difference in my stress level throughout the week. (After all, eating healthfully shouldn't be stressful: it should help you feel prepared to manage other stresses as they come up!) I've blogged about our weeks of prep before, but let me say again: shopping once, cooking once, and being able to eat the fruits of your labor multiple times is a huge timesaver! It's one less thing to do each day, one more way to prevent eating mindlessly on the run, and a really zen-like experience to cap off a busy weekend, especially if you like to cook. (If you don't like to cook - give it a shot! It's a little like arts and crafts, but with far more delicious results than glitter and paste.)

Here's the rundown of our stock-up for the week. Many of our ingredients are complements of the NYC Greenmarket, which are accessible all over the city. The fridge is overflowing [feeling so lucky]:photo 2

[clockwise from left]

  • quinoa
  • baked curried sweet potatoes
  • stir-fried broccoli [using extra tempeh marinade] 
  • 'buffalo chicken' tempeh
  • chickpea-hazelnut-avocado-red quinoa salad
  • black beans
  • baked butternut squash
  • sauteed crimini mushrooms, onion, and eggplant
  • coconut kale
  • plain baked sweet potato fries

All of these can be combined in countless ways: adding a little spice can change many of these versatile ingredients into something entirely different. Enjoyed on their own, too, these plant-based beauties are naturally delectable. Lunch. Dinner. Done. 

Whatever will we do with all this extra time?! 

Let me know if you experiment with any of these this week: I'm always fascinated to see how everyone gets creative with combinations!  

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2 comments on “a week of prep [#2].
  1. Meg says:

    I didn’t have time to do food prep this weekend, and I’m totally paying for it now! my lunch is a hastily thrown together bag with a handful of sprouts, a whole zucchini, and a while bell pepper in it :S thank goodness I work in a kitchen so I can combine these bad boys into a salad!

  2. amyheight says:

    Sounds like a delicious combo, though! :)

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