blueberry almond avocado mousse.


We're taking a little departure into sweet-land today! (WHAAAT?! I know. I was shocked, too.) 

A few weeks back, a friend asked for some recommendations for easy breakfasts; conveniently, this was already on my mind as I am in constant recipe-developing mode for the cool peeps at Plate Joy

Particularly, I was on the hunt for something healthy-but-sweet for my lady friend, as she does better with the straight sugars (including dates and other fruit) than I do. I am so happy to work on things incorporating sugar if I can find willing guinea pigs to taste-test for me. And this little breakfast shananza, despite being one of the more sugar-heavy recipes on this site, is pretty darn nourishing.

For one, it includes avocado. Avocado in the morning is a seriously excellent thing to do for your body. Not only is it rich in Vitamins E and K, avocado contains super-beneficial phytonutrients called carotenoids. Like carrots, kale and sweet potato, that funny yellow-ish tinge to avocado flesh tells you it's insanely nutrient-dense. Plus, the heavy dose of monounsaturated fat in this fruit helps absorb the nutrients (yay) AND helps keep you full, longer. Starting the day with fat also encourages the body to release extra fat cells it may be holding onto: it doesn't feel panicked like it's in a famine, and in this way, incorporating fat into your morning meal can help balance out your body. 

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Plus, it's delicious. The avocado-y-ness is masked by the dates and blueberries here, so you get all the benefit of the green stuff without feeling like you're eating blueberry guacamole. 

The other ingredients offer tons of other great body-supportive benefits, too:

dates: fiber, calcium and potassium

coconut milk: saturated fat (for more fullness and nutrient absorption, plus a punch of calcium, potassium and phosphorus 

blueberries: antioxidants, Vitamins K and C, fiber

almonds: monounsaturated fat, fiber, calcium, Vitamin E (and crunch, which I think should be its own essential nutrient)

To address the issue of sugar here, know that the high levels of fat and fiber in this dish will help balance out the sugar content of the dates. These slow the rate at which food is broken down in the body, meaning the mousse will be easier on your blood sugar than just eating 3 dates all at once on their own. Notice in your own body if you simply don't dig the sugar from the dates - ie. if you feel bloated, puffy in the face, tired, moody, etc after consuming. If so, feel free to swap in extra blueberries or a handful of shredded coconut instead. It'll change the flavor, but up the fiber and fullness like dates do. 

This whole thing is wackadoodle easy to put together. Simply blend everything but the blueberries and almonds together until they form a luxuriously creamy mousse, then top with berries and almonds. Chill if you have time. Don't chill if you don't. Voila -- breakfast (and a filling, dessert-y one at that!), solved. 


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P.S. Isn't Plate Joy rad? They make my recipes look so much more awesome with their excellent photography. Mad props, PJ. 

blueberry almond avocado mousse.
Serves 1
A silky smooth breakfast bowl packed with nourishing fats, phytonutrients and just enough sweetness to make it feel indulgent.
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 medium avocado
  2. 3 dates, coarsely chopped
  3. 1/2 cup coconut milk
  4. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  5. pinch of sea salt
  6. 1/4 cup blueberries
  7. 2 tbsp sliced almonds
  1. Pit the avocado and spoon flesh into a food processor.
  2. Add dates, vanilla, coconut milk and a pinch of salt and blend together until a smooth mousse forms.
  3. Scoop into a bowl and top with blueberries and almonds.
  1. Chill if desired.
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