cauliflower pizza crust.

cauliflower pizzaI will admit: back in the day, I was a huge fan of pizza. (In fact, Michael and I had a discussion about preference of crust this evening. I was definitely a fluffy-crust kind of gal through my teens, and at some point changed my preference to thin crust. Perhaps I was being 'classy'...? I'm not sure.) In any case, pizza is something I so rarely have. It never leaves me feeling great (although I do love that New York has beautiful options for vegan, gluten-free pizza nights), so I tend to just stay away from it. Our most recent take on it - prior to this weekend - was Zucchini Pizza: a little untraditional, but pretty darn good! 

[Fits well, too, with my thinking that the more veggies you can work into a meal, the better!]

It's officially the end of the Vegan Month of Food (#veganmofo, for those who have been following). I've very much enjoyed the extra excuses to cook and write this month, and I hope there have been some interesting tidbits for you to consider for your own home cooking adventures. I am happy to share a recipe entirely inspired by another great veg/vegan resource online... and thankful to have had some play-time to explore new recipes. What have you discovered that is particularly delicious?

Alrighty... on with the yummy stuff...

This Sunday, with a little extra time on my hands in the evening (having completed the newest packets for the Vive Detox -- yay!), I decided to tackle this recipe from the fabulous folks over at Tasty Kitchen. I love finding creative grain-free ways of making recipes that usually involve complicated baking ratios - veggies are just so much simpler to work with most of the time!

Although the original recipe isn't vegan, I made a couple of swaps to up the plant-based goodness and we were thrilled with how it turned out! 

  • substitute for mozzarella cheese: 1/4 cup Daiya cheese 
  • substitute for parmesan: 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • substitute for 1 egg: 1 tbsp flax meal dissolved in 3 tbsp boiling water

We also doubled the cook time: for some reason, even with a great deal of wringing out of the water in the cauliflower, it was super moist. (I also added 2 tbsp almond flour to soak up a little extra moisture.) It took nearly two hours to make this pizza happen, but man alive, it was worth it! 

We topped it with already roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini, along with a little extra Daiya (because it's delicious). I am looking forward to trying this recipe again and seeing what other kind of fun I can create with the same basic crust recipe + other add-ins (sweet potato? spices? kale chips?!)

The full recipe is here. Get veganizing and enjoy!

What else do you swap in for refined grains? Have you ever made a cauliflower crust? 

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