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It has officially been an embarrassing amount of time since I posted on the blog. I just looked at the most recent post for Toasted Quinoa Cereal and cringed that it went up on October 27. #ImSorry

By means of explanation, here's what has transpired in the last three months:

  • I left my job at the Center for Youth Wellness (after starting training as a sub stage manager on the national tours of The Lion King and Newsies)
  • We packed up our home and moved out of San Francisco
  • Michael and I visited his family in PA for Thanksgiving
  • We officially started our tour-life adventure with (me out with Newsies in New Orleans and Memphis) and then both of us together with The Lion King in Chicago

We're now in Tampa, Florida and will be moving to a new city every month for the foreseeable future. It's kind of awesome - we're having a great time (and working on the same show has been such a treat!)

So, in all this transition, the blog somehow got swept under the rug! (Also, not having a kitchen for extended periods of time has made it tricky to cook!)

While we travel, I continue to write for ClassPass, and each month I will share a road-trip inspired article on the food + fitness discoveries we make wherever we go. 

On the From the Ground Up side, I have some fun new recipes in the coffers which I will share in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, in the spirit of tour life, I thought I'd share a few of my cooking pursuits from recent weeks, particularly because they're so easy you can make them in a Residence Inn medium-equipped kitchen. ;) 

So here you go: the first round of on-the-road healthy eats, hotel-kitchen edition! 

food on the road collage 1

Clockwise from top: Red Curry TofuAhi Avocado Tempeh WrapsGinger Citrus Tofu PowerbowlRainbow Chard Wraps, Miso Soup with Garlicky Lentils, Mushrooms and Kale

I've also been having a darn fabulous time reading Best Food Writing of 2015: it has made travel days decidedly more interesting and delicious. It's full of essays and reviews from the last year about everything food: restauranteurs, sustainable agriculture, molecular gastronomy. I highly recommend! (And if you haven't yet read BFW 2014, check out this post. Also great!)

best food writing 2015

I was also recently introduced to Brisk Bars, made by an independent San Francisco-based company. They are insanely delicious and provide a nice kick of plant-based energy (namely from guarana and maca).

2BriskBars_2Bars image_small size

While they have more sugar in them than I care to eat, they're definitely far lower on the sweetness spectrum than most other energy bars on the market. They have a really deep, dark chocolatey flavor (and if you can handle having them in the house without eating all of them, have at! Haha. I cannot.) :P Here are the ingredients: 

Desiccated coconut, pea protein crisp (pea protein concentrate, Chicory root fiber, brown rice flour [rice flour & rice bran), seeds (sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed), brown rice syrup, organic 70% dark chocolate (organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter), whole grain brown rice protein, cocoa (processed with alkali), water, guarana, grape juice concentrate, rice syrup, maca, brown rice, sunflower oil, agar, natural flavor.

[I share this just in the spirit of new, fun (mostly) healthy products!] I'd love to know if you've found anything cool lately -- especially of the vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, gluten-free persuasion!

Stay tuned for more foodie fun coming soon... 

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