hemp + cacao breakfast bowl [better than cereal].

Finding great breakfast options can be tricky, hey? Here's a few reasons I hear all the time (and believe me, I'm with you!)

1. I have no time in the morning.
2. I'm not sure what we're hungry for first thing, if anything.
3. Everything seems to be PACKED with sugar. (Yup. This sets us up for brutal sugar crashes for the rest of the day. Check out this article on the most innocuous of breakfast cereals for more on this.)

Sound familiar? 

Here's a super delicious, simple way to start your morning. It takes approximately 35 seconds to throw together and is super satisfying. It's packed with protein, too, which means it'll get you through to lunch without one of those annoying mid-morning slumps. Pair this with a smoothie and you're good to go.

hemp cacao breakfast bowl


1/3 cup hulled hemp seeds
1/3 cup ground flax meal
1 tbsp cacao nibs
1 tbsp pistachios or chopped walnuts
1/2 tsp bee pollen
1/2 cup almond or hemp milk


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    1. […] Instead of cereals: swap in whole grains with your milk of choice and some cinnamon, heated or cold. If you’re sticking to boxed cereals, explore the organic, low-sugar gluten-free varieties available. Remember that Corn Pops and Count Chocula are not healthy, regardless of how little gluten is in there. Explore the least processed brands you can, like steel cut gluten-free oats or gluten-free muesli. Nuts and seeds also make a great substitute for cereal. Try this hemp and cacao bowl! […]

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