Make-Me-Over Mojito Smoothie from the I Quit Sugar Cookbook.

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mojito smoothieI have been experimenting lately with my fabulous copy of the I Quit Sugar Cookbook, perhaps my new favorite kitchen accessory and one of the most well-compiled, easy to follow kitchen guidebooks. I am working my way through a ton of recipes and sharing my favorites with you here; after all, if you're on a sugar-free adventure like I am, you know it can be tough to a) eat in restaurants, b) find recipes that are sugar free and not just steamed veggies, and c) find time to fit all of this planning and arranging in... we cut sugar out to reduce the stress on the body, not increase it by giving it more to do, right? 

The cookbook features recipes from kids' meals to breakfasts (both tough to do without sugar, it seems), as well as snacks, detox meals and desserts that are all gloriously free of the white stuff... but packed with nutrients, deliciousness and serious foodie satisfaction. Plus, the guide included in the front of the book provides just enough sarcasm and conversational intrigue that it reads like more of a magazine than a cookbook. Love it. 

So let's dig in, shall we?

Something about spring... I am entirely craving liquid meals all the time, particularly hearty ones with unusual ingredients. (Last week's Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Smoothie was a winner if I do say so myself! Tremendously fueling and so delicious.) 

What started this whole thing? Diving into the IQS Cookbook and discovering the incredible amount of sugar-free, fruit-free {because it doesn't make me feel awesome} blended drinks, beginning with this one: the Make-Me-Over Mojito Smoothie

I. love. mint. 

I also love avocado. And lime. 

And in my pre-sugar-quitting life, I loved mojitos. This is a great way to combine all of them!

1 cup coconut water
juice of 2 limes (does anyone know how to do this efficiently? I got a serious arm workout trying to squeeze these puppies out!)
1 small ripe avocado (or half a medium-sized one)
handful of mint leaves
handful of baby spinach
pinch of vanilla powder (I used pure liquid vanilla extract and it worked perfectly fine)
pinch of powdered stevia (I omitted because I'm not a huge stevia fan; I didn't miss it in the flavor at all)
2 tbsp green powder (I like Amazing Grass Green Superfood Powder
a few ice cubes

It's like a vacation in a cup. Perfect for post-workout, for a quick breakfast on the run, or if you're in need of an energizing mid-afternoon snack: all the greens make this an instant blood transfusion. So much oxygen! So much chlorophyll! So yummy! 

If you're interested in checking out the cookbook, please visit theI Quit Sugar store. Because the book also includes the 8-week program for breaking up with the white stuff yourself, it's a fabulous investment! And, if you'd like more information on my sugar-free journey and the work I am doing with many of my clients, check out this post here

Happy blending,


Hey, this post contains affiliate links to IQS. I really stand behind what Sarah’s doing and want to share this work with as many people as I can! When you click on the above links and purchase any of her products, I make a small commission (which goes directly into our kale fund… which indirectly fuels this blog.) I appreciate your support and I am so excited for your sugar-quitting adventure. xo

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