meatless monday meal plan #1

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Figuring out what to eat in a day can be so complicated. Throw in the fact you're trying to eat well, make healthful choices, and avoid gluten, dairy, or sugar... and forget it. It can be enough to make anyone pick up the phone for the nearest takeout option. 

But wait! Before you make that call, check out this meal plan, the first in an ongoing series of Meatless Monday posts to make your life easier. 

Variety, nutrient-density, simplicity. And deliciousness? Of course. 

Plus, everything is super time-efficient. Breakfast and lunch recipes take about five minutes to prepare; dinners take no more than 40 minutes (and most of that is just waiting for things to cook). 

Forget greasy Thai delivery. Cozy up to what's in your food: know your ingredients and feel awesome about the clean, wholesome stuff you're using to fuel your fine self. 

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Take the guess work out of a full week of meals. Check out our weekly meal plan options.

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