staples and spice day 3: thai.

Spices: Basil, garlic, ginger, pepper.Basil

Staples: Quinoa, kale. 

Thai food makes for classic takeout in this city: if you can get past the added oils and oft-animal-based selections, it's a delicious option.  

So how to recreate it at home with fewer ingredients and at a lower cost? Simple! 

Four spices, two staples, and about five minutes. Eyeball the amounts of spices (and taste-test until it's to your liking).

This dish is nice and light (great for spring, or for having before a night out - consider it your social plans' pre-game!)

Gather up your prepared staples from earlier in the week and get cooking: it's going to be good! 

1. Mix quinoa with a little coconut oil, garlic powder, and pepper. Set aside. Garlic Powder
2. Sautee kale in coconut oil with basil, garlic, ginger, and pepper. 
3. Serve kale on top of quinoa, adding another protein if you'd like
(chickpeas would go well here - just toss in at the end and mix to coat). 


Coming up tomorrow... Staples and Spice Day #4: Make-at-home Chinese food...




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