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Why I’m adding things for Lent instead of giving them up.

I have a great friend who serves as my accountability buddy for a lot of lifestyle-related things – we often text to share successes and plans for the day, such as “Here are my meals laid out for the day

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gratitude for grounding.

Have you had days [or weeks or months] where things just feel like too much? You’re overwhelmed. Everything seems to come at you at once. What used to make sense no longer does. And you can’t figure out how to

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de-cluttering for spring.

It’s a balmy 44 degrees in NYC today, bright and sunny: one of those days where I feel like nature has given us a beautiful gift (and one where the city seems extra-excellent). Yesterday’s torrential downpour has done a number

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clarity part ii.

I wrote a little last week about the importance of clarity in communication and how it really can make or break an interaction.   Being in the (joyful) throes of building a business, I have been giving a good deal of

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