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friday night dinner at natural gourmet institute.

There’s an incredible nutrition and cooking school in Manhattan called Natural Gourmet Institute, whose NYC-based program teaches students to craft culinary masterpiece out of real, wholesome, nourishing food. We’re talking sustainable, organic, local ingredients arranged into balanced meals that not

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Expert Series: local, sustainable, organic. Uri Attia of Portable Chef.

Welcome to this week’s Expert Series video. I sat down with Uri Attia of Portable Chef, a farm-to-table meal delivery service in New York City.  Check out Uri’s story here, along with his fascinating insights into local eating, homecooking, and

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great baby food. great adult food. [the petit organics taste-test]

Here are some things I love:  Whole foods Encouraging great eating habits Women entrepreneurs Supporting small business As I talk about all the time on the blog, habits are a powerful thing. They can allow us to thrive, and they

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being blissfully happy takes work. and commitment.

{I’m thrilled to share this post today from the fabulous Hope Mirlis of A More Perfect Union. While she works primarily with engaged couples and newlyweds, Hope’s unique perspective on relationships is one we can all learn from: whether they

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gratitude for grounding.

Have you had days [or weeks or months] where things just feel like too much? You’re overwhelmed. Everything seems to come at you at once. What used to make sense no longer does. And you can’t figure out how to

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