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Here’s why you should work spirulina into your life. Right now. (PLUS a giveaway!)

Spirulina – that magical blue green algae that pops up in smoothies or the famous, delicious millet dish at Jivamuktea Café in Union Square – is a tricky food to work with. It has a very pronounced flavor (think grass and

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green rocketfuel smoothie.

This is pure rocket fuel. Pre-workout, post-workout, or just to fuel your busy day, this smoothie is a quick, portable breakfast, packed with all kinds of great-for-the-body goodness: healthy saturated fat from coconut oil and avocado – these help promote

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demystifying protein [day six] – the many effects of this macronutrient

Protein has a number of really terrific effects on the body, especially when it comes to satiety, weight management, and cravings. It increases thermogenesis (the internal production of heat, more commonly known as metabolism) – often for hours after a

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