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3 green plant-based recipes in honour of Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!  I feel like every day should be Earth Day, no? This crazy spinning orb we live on is kind of awesome, and deserves some big love, big respect and a whole lot of conscientiousness.  So, between turning off

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Yogi Surprise – and how to get a 20% discount.

Yogi Surprise might be my new favorite thing.  You know that feeling of receiving a gift from someone you like – someone who really gets you, knows what you like, understands how you think, and gives a lot of careful consideration to

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angry. at a domino’s pizza box.

I took out the recycling the other day and dropped a stack of magazines into the bin behind our building. They landed on top of an upside down pizza box with big circusy blue letters, which I found myself trying

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Expert Series: organic, sustainable eating for families with Michelle Muller-Marinis.

Meet Michelle Muller-Marinis, founder of Petit Organics [New York City’s first organic baby food delivery service], entrepreneur, local food enthusiast, organic avenger and mom to the three cutest boys ever. In this video, Michelle shares her tips on healthy eating for

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Expert Series: local, sustainable, organic. Uri Attia of Portable Chef.

Welcome to this week’s Expert Series video. I sat down with Uri Attia of Portable Chef, a farm-to-table meal delivery service in New York City.  Check out Uri’s story here, along with his fascinating insights into local eating, homecooking, and

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all kinds of love today.

No matter your stance on whether Valentine’s Day should be observed as a holiday, I hope we can all agree that a day dedicated to giving love is not a bad thing. Of course, no day should be devoid of

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