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Yogi Surprise – and how to get a 20% discount.

Yogi Surprise might be my new favorite thing.  You know that feeling of receiving a gift from someone you like – someone who really gets you, knows what you like, understands how you think, and gives a lot of careful consideration to

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Expert Series: inspiring wellness, yoga, and what it means to be a mamapreneur in NYC with Randi Zinn.

Meet Randi Zinn. I am super excited to introduce you to Randi Zinn this week. Randi is the mastermind behind RZ Inspire Wellness, a movement for NYC Moms that enlivens community and encourages wellness across the board. Her workshops and

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food + yoga [and yoga + food].

How we eat directly impacts every aspect of our day, from how we interact with others to how productive we are in our work to our mood and self-perception. We are lucky to live somewhere that grants us so much

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using transition to break habits.

I hear it over and over again in my work: periods of transition are hard.  Believe me, I know. (One of the first posts I wrote on this site was on transition and what it can help to illuminate.) The

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healthy fridge feature #1 [meg].

Finally! Something I’ve been wanting to post for awhile: healthy fridge inspiration from some of the most nutritionally-minded people I know! I was inspired by the good people at Well+GoodNYC, who present a celebrity Refrigerator Lookbook every few weeks. I

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gratitude for grounding.

Have you had days [or weeks or months] where things just feel like too much? You’re overwhelmed. Everything seems to come at you at once. What used to make sense no longer does. And you can’t figure out how to

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in the space between.

Several weeks ago, I posted some musings on transitions: why they’re important and what they can reveal to us. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the latter and trying to be mindful about what comes up in the moments

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all kinds of love today.

No matter your stance on whether Valentine’s Day should be observed as a holiday, I hope we can all agree that a day dedicated to giving love is not a bad thing. Of course, no day should be devoid of

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If you’ve ever taken a yoga class where the teacher’s instructions weren’t quite understandable (or in a lecture where points a-b-c don’t quite line up, or in a conversation where chunks of thought don’t quite make it out intact), you

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I have often heard in yoga classes that the transition between poses is actually the most important element of the physical practice: it’s not where you have been or where you will end up in the next pose, but the

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