I have the privilege of working with incredible clients. See what some of them have to say about their experience...

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The past few months working you have been amazing.  You've helped us to grow so much as a family, and I'm feeling so healthy, happy, focused, and empowered. Thank you for putting us on track. - Laura, NYC

I had been counting calories and trying to lose weight for over a year without success.  When Amy proposed a new eating plan for me [that steered me away from sugar and bread and towards proteins, vegetables, and whole grains], I committed for two weeks without knowing how much better I would feel and how fast my body would start to go back to its healthy weight.  I felt so good that I happily continued past the agreed-upon two weeks!  I feel like we've hit upon the right plan for me, and now I feel very empowered to eat the foods that nourish me and avoid the ones that don't. Counting calories is now a thing of the past and I am happy to eat real, nutritious food without worrying about calorie math or feeling deprived. - Janine, NYC

When I first started working with Amy and From the Ground Up Wellness I was extremely unhappy, overweight, and felt so stuck in my unhealthy habits. Through one on one coaching, workshops and cooking classes with From The Ground Up Wellness I have not only gained knowledge and understanding of food, but I have grown so much and expanded my food and lifestyle horizons. I am a happier, healthier, more energetic and outgoing person and I look forward to new experiences. I absolutely believe that outlook has come from my work with this wonderful company. Amy is a joy to work with.  She is understanding and really helps you to discover what is important to you and helps you to understand how food and the body relate to each other. I leave my sessions with her with a  wealth of knowledge. I have sent many friends her way and love watching them grow and flourish through their work with her as well. - Lauren, NYC

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Amy is amazing--truly.  She is friendly, personable, non-judgmental, and a joy to know.  She knows everything about food and how it affects your body and mind, and she's also a really, really good therapist.  Seeing her is always the highlight of my day. I'm still on my journey toward healthy eating and exercise habits, but I've made enormous progress since I started seeing her.  I have more energy, a positive outlook, and am happier. My favorite thing about Amy's approach is that she's looking for long-term solutions that will stick.  I've been on Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, and both of those worked short-term and then failed--because they didn't get at the root of my problems.  I've struggled with emotional eating and bingeing all my life, and Amy has helped me get at the root of all that. She sees (and treats) you as a whole person.  She doesn't prescribe a one-size-fits-all diet.  She listens to your concerns, really listens (and takes mad notes), and adjusts accordingly.  For example, my problem has never been that I don't like healthy food; it's that I binge on sweet stuff.  Amy immediately figured out that my problem wasn't that I was unwilling to eat leafy greens, and adjusted her program for me accordingly.  She recognized that my problem is psychological and helps me solve it. Take my word for it: Amy is worth every penny. - Allie, NYC

Amy is fantastic! She is so inspiring, so positive, so knowledgeable, so generous! She's helped me to feel more positive, healthy, and more pro-active about my life and goals! She is very easy (and fun) to talk to.  Amy really understands my individual needs and interests. She's taught me so much about topics related to nutrition and wellness that I wanted to know more about and explore. She's extremely smart, professional, responsible, and dedicated! I highly recommend her! She's a terrific coach! - Alli, NYC

Amy is kind, generous and so helpful. She creates a non-judgmental atmosphere that comes from a genuine desire to help people through the same process she herself has gone through. There are no strict regimens or narrow views on what kind of diet is the right one, only the process of finding what kinds of foods work for you and your body, and a good honest look at your habits and the goals you have in life.  It is much easier to organize your thoughts when you have someone helping you.  She has helped me so much and I love how she has taken the guesswork out of deciding what will work best for me. - ACB, NYC

Amy is terrific.  She is extremely organized, optimistic, smart and dedicated to her clients.  I've been working with Amy for a couple months now. Her presence, energy, skills and wisdom combine to help me go on my own specific journey towards healing my relationship to eating, scheduling, and living a life with balance.  What is so special, is that Amy works to tailor each session to what's needed in the moment, while she still has an eye open for the whole journey.  I could not recommend Amy enough. She's an incredible teacher and leader.  I am excited to continue working with her for the next months. - Marisa, NYC

Amy's positive energy and get-it-done attitude are contagious.  With her as your health coach, anything is possible!  Working with Amy in her six-month program, I was able to see my health and lifestyle struggles from a clearer perspective, and take action in ways I would not have thought of on my own.   Amy provided a calm, supportive, nonjudgmental sounding board for both my everyday life/work balance issues and some more serious health concerns, and while I often doubted my ability to change, her faith in me never wavered.  She is an excellent guide, and is wise beyond her years!  Amy's creative and passionate approach to healthy lifestyle, food, cooking, and exercise makes taking care of oneself less of a chore and something to look forward to every day. She walks her talk and is a pleasure to work with.  Enjoy your time with Amy; she's great! - Lisa, New York, NY

I loved having Amy as a wellness coach. She tailored my program to my needs, and since I did know some things about eating well and keeping fit, we focused on fine-tuning and adding to my knowledge. We worked as a team to investigate areas in my life that could be improved by healthier food choices, realistic exercise and positive thinking. She gave me tons of tips on dealing with bad eating habits and tools to help me stay on track and keep me accountable for my well being. And she was flexible enough to provide some emotional therapy when I needed it. I felt very comfortable discussing anything with Amy, as she is non-judgmental, super supportive and a great motivator. Highly recommend! - Mike, New York, NY

When I came to Amy, I was already pretty knowledgable about my health and fitness. but having her consistent accountability has supported me in huge growth in several areas of my well-being that would have taken much much longer to come to on my own!  It was important to me to maximize the efficiency of the nutrition and fitness choices I was making, and I understand all of that more deeply now, especially in terms of the best kinds of fuel for my particular body and when and when not to push myself when working out. I have a better handle on my overall longterm knee health, which was a concern of mine because all of the women in my family have knee problems. And most dramatically: I have struggled with insomnia for years, and I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING.  While there is no magic solution, through collectively analyzing my patterns and choices, I'm able me to sleep better than I have in years - which has had significant ripple effects in every area of my life.  She is extraordinarily vibrant and fiercely insightful, and she was extremely invested in each session of ours and through email follow ups between sessions.  I am floored with gratitude that I had the chance to work with her, I hope to do so again in the not-too-distant future, and I would recommend that anyone who is invested in their overall well-being should work with her at the first possible opportunity! - Stephanie, New York, NY

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